The City With a Soul

Every Australian will tell you Sydney is the most beautiful, but Melbourne has a soul. The second-largest city in Australia and the cultural capital city is where you will always find a party. The town is full of hidden trails, bars, music scene is great, coffee is great, and local passion for sports contributes to excitement. This city is officially the world’s largest fox shelter with between 6 and 23 foxes per square kilometer in the urban area.

Small bars are literally everywhere. Coffee  in Melbourne is like religion, and its making is on the artistic level. Melbourne has the largest number of cafes and restaurants per capita in the world. This city is the only city that has more Greeks outside Greece and Italians outside of Italy.

With London and New York, Melbourne boasts one of the most lively scenes of street graffiti. Melbourne claims to have the best live scene in the world, and this city is obsessed with sports. Come at the Australian Open tennis tournament (January), the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix (March) or the Spring Carnival Carnival (November).

Federation Square

The Federation Square in Melbourne is one of the most complex and ambitious projects in the history of Australian architecture and something that this city stands out in relation to others in Australia. The square occupies the entire city block.

The Fed market is a unique blend of cultural activities and is internationally recognized as one of the world’s largest public spaces. It also includes: Ian Poter Center which represents Australia’s history from the colonial period to contemporary art, and has several galleries dedicated to indigenous art. The Australian Center for Moving Images (ACMI) is the first center of its kind in the world and celebrates all sorts of moving images, from film, television and digital culture. Association of Australian Commercial Galleries is where you will find all about the contemporary art of this country.

Over 200 events per year are held at the Federation Square: from exhibitions, festivals, forums to filmmakers and fashion shows. Try different tastes offered by restaurants, and bars at the Federation Square in Melbourne. There are espresso bars, fast food restaurants, Chinese and Australian cuisine. For each and every one and for everyone’s pocket for something. The National Sports Museum is the only place in Australia that is fully dedicated to sports and it is also located on the Federation Square.