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Melbourne CBD, which stands for “Central Business District,” is the central hub of the city of Melbourne, AU and a must-stop on any Australian vacation. The district is sometimes referred to as “City Centre” or simply “The City,”. It sprang up in the 1830s and 1840s as more and more settlers moved to the area. In the 1990s, the area went through a renaissance of business and culture as the Australian government provided incentives for residents to move to the nation’s city centers. Today Melbourne CBD is a home to world-class cultural events, football and cricket teams.

The Melbourne CBD was a host to many of the proceedings for the 1956 Summer Olympic Games. Its unique neighborhoods include the famous Hoddle Grid, with its collection of shops and arcades housed among old Victorian-style buildings. Owing to its large collection of bookshops and publishing houses, the Melbourne CBD has earned the nickname “the City of Literature.”

The area is big 6.2 square kilometers (2.4 square miles), and its population is a little bit over 47 thousand people. This is the core of the city and is located in its oldest parts. Despite its names “Central Business District” and “the City of Literature”, this is the true city center filled with bars, cafes, art, nightlife, cultural and historic institutions. It is a place you do not just need to see and visit briefly, but one of those in which you need to spend some time to really feel its life and vibe.